​The Gynecomastia Surgery Cost – No Longer an Obstacle If You Are Serious about Getting Treated

​Gynecomastia surgery cost used to be one of the factors that made the intervention unavailable for so many people in the past. The good news is that the fast advancement of medical science, the techniques and instruments developed recently have lowered prohibitive costs significantly, giving gynecomastia sufferers hope that they can get rid of this embarrassing condition much more easily.

​Beside the cost of the surgery, there are other factors that can be confusing for those looking for a solution to their condition. In the past, the surgery used to imply a long recovery period and many days spent in hospital and away from work, and there used to be confusion about medical insurance coverage as well. In what follows, we propose to answer these questions in order to allow gynecomastia sufferers to plan ahead and make the best decision about the course of treatment to follow.

​Gynecomastia Surgery Cost – A Quick Calculation

​The costs of the surgery and the subsequent treatment depend on a lot factors. The intervention is usually done by plastic surgeons, which means that the price will depend on the profile of the doctor, on the facility the surgery is taking place in, as well on the type and nature of the breast tissue growth.

​The preparation for the surgery starts with tests to determine the hormonal status of the patient that has led to the appearance of the growth and other tests to determine the most adequate way to address the problem.

The surgeon's fee is usually between $4,000 and $5,000, to which the costs of anesthesia will be added (around $1.000-1.500). What's more, you also have to consider the costs of spending about 2-4 days in hospital after the surgery -usually about $1.000-1.500 - and the price of a compression vest to be worn after the surgery (which will be about $100-250).

The total costs of the intervention and the subsequent hospital treatment will amount to about $6.500.

​Other Aspects Related to Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

​Gynecomastia is more and more recognized as a condition that deteriorates the quality of life, but even so, most health insurance companies still deny policy coverage of the gynecomastia surgery cost, unless the surgery is necessary to eliminate a life-threatening condition.

However, we would still recommend you to file a claim to your insurer in which you describe your condition and include a letter from your surgeon to back up your claim with professional medical arguments – your insurer might offer partial or full coverage for your costs, so give it a try even though your policy does not include this kind of coverage.

​Even if your request of obtaining insurance coverage is denied, there are other possibilities you can explore. There are several companies that provide financing solutions for those who need help to cover the gynecomastia surgery cost, but do not possess the money to pay for the intervention upfront.

Some of these companies will require you to turn to a doctor within their network, while others do not impose such limitations. Whatever financing company you turn to, you must know that you will be actually applying for a loan, similar to any other form of credit.

​In most cases, gynecomastia  is not a life threatening condition, but it is certainly one that takes a toll on the private and social life of the gentlemen affected.

Even if your insurance policy does not cover the gynecomastia surgery cost, money should not be an obstacle – just take a look at the possible financing options and go for the surgery. You will see that, after it, you will feel reborn, with your self-confidence stronger than ever.

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