Hello everyone!

I’m all about amazing eats! you will find nothing but crazy “How To” for the crazy food i make, reviews on the places i eat, best places to eat, top 5 list and plenty more!

Hope you enjoy !

  • Instagram – PeepMySneaks
  • YouTube – PeepMyEats

21 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dude,

    Love the food and thanks for the how to! I will definitely be stopping by when you open your place. I was hoping you might put your unique spin on matzah brie. Love this breakfast dish but I’ve been making it the same way since Saturday mornings at my grandmas and feel like it needs an update (p.s. I’m not kosher so feel free to shove all the bacon you want in there haha).

    Thanks, keep it up and good luck on your dream!



  2. Your website is very good and fun. I scrolled through it in under a minute on my phone. Im using the extra time I saved to write this.


  3. Hey. Will love to discuss future venture with u. I’m a chef at Butterfield market in the UES of Manhattan. Let’s chat. lmk


  4. I love your creations!! I’m trying to find the video for the Mac and cheese dumplings, all me roommates are from Asia. I’d love to bring Americanized dumplings to the table.


  5. Dude, if you ever visit London I have some wicked places to show you! Hit me up on insta (rj44_) and hurry up with the opening of your restaurant I’m back visiting NYC early 2016 I need a place to eat myself into a coma! Thanks as always RJ


  6. Nice website!! I’m definitely going to try some of these food combos out.

    I have a cool food combo that I photographed, do you have an email where I can send it to you?


  7. Hey, theres this one picture you publish, do nt know when, just saw it on facebook, about a dominican weird plate, chimiqueuqe, jajaja, sound funny but they used your instagram as a source, do you remeber it?


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