How To

Buffalo Mozzarella Chicken Rings!

– 1 pound of ground chicken
– 5 mozzarella sticks
– 1 bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo wing sauce (or a comparable sauce)
– 15-ounce container of Italian bread crumbs
– 3 eggs
– Garlic Powder
– Salt
– Pepper

1) Place garlic powder, salt, and pepper in separate bowls. Also, place ground chicken in its own mixing bowl.

2) Add garlic powder, salt, and pepper to the ground chicken. Mix well.

3) Add Buffalo wing sauce to the chicken. Mix well.

4) Place eggs and Italian bread crumbs in separate bowls. Beat eggs.

5) Take mozzarella sticks and shred 2-3 into five skinny strips.

6) Take ground chicken and pound out a disc a little smaller than the size of your palm that’s 1/4th of an inch in height. Place on a cooking sheet.

7) Place a circular cookie cutter around the disc and dig out a hole in the center. Take a mozzarella strip and place it between the edge of the cookie cutter and the hole. Smooth the ground chicken over mozzarella strip in order to hide the cheese. Repeat steps 6-7 for each disc on the sheet.

8) Chill for 10 minutes in the refrigerator.

9) Take each ring and soak it thoroughly in egg; then, place it in Italian bread crumbs until they’re covered.

10) Drop the coated rings in the deep-fryer. Fry for 4-5 minutes at 475 degrees or until golden-brown.

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