The Melt Shop!

What’s up everyone! Today I’ll be telling you about a great spot called Melt Shop located on the west side of Manhatten New York. I will be reviewing on a few things.

Menu – Because I’m not trying to read a novel to order food I need some good varitey to choose from!

The Food – Because that’s what really matters.

Presentation – Because if it doesn’t look good its probably not good.(thats just how i live my life)

Service – Because that shit is very important

Cost – Because I’m all about cheap amazing eats n ain’t nobody trying to spent rent money on dinner

After the review i will be giving a overall 1-5 star rating. Lets get started !

  • Menu –  Short, sweet n straight to the point! About 8 or so sandwiches to choose from. Only tots on the menu which is good but I like fries better. They also do milkshakes!
  • The Food – Well since in was my first time and I also go with a burger or some sort, luckily they had a burger melt! This burger melt included Pepper Jack, Cheese Sauce, Special Burger sauce Caramelized Onions & pickles. I don’t like pickles so I took those off and added bacon! All on a sourdough bread.

Also had some cheesy tots! Overall it was delicious! Got a little bit of kick from the pepper jack cheese and the Caramelized onions did this melt justice! 5/5 for this melt!

  • Presentation – 9/10 of the time I find myself fixing my food for a better pic. This was the case here, I kinda had to squeeze the sandwich to make the juices flow and organize the bacon a little bit to make a better picture.
  • Service – not much to it when it comes to service here. order your food, they call your name and that’s about it. But the guy at the register was helpful when I asked him for help choosing something good.
  • Cost – I paid close to $20 for my meal which isn’t terrible considering how good it was and I was on the west side of Manhattan also i never really care about the cost of the food if its worth it. Could’ve still been a bit cheaper around the $15 -$16 mark and I would’ve been more satisfied.

Overall I’ll give this place a solid 4/5 only because the tots were good but nothing out of this world, didn’t really compare to the amazing melt I had. Still worth a try if your in the area and crave something quick, good and comforting to eat!
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