The Grayson!

What’s up everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a review on a restaurant but Today I’ll be telling you about a great bar/restaurant called The Grayson located in The Lower East Side of Manhatten New York. I will be reviewing on a few things.

Menu – Because  I’m not trying to read a novel to order food I need some good varitey to choose from!

The Food – Because that’s what really matters.

Presentation – Because if it doesn’t look good its probably not good.(thats just how i live my life)

Service – Because that shit is very important

Cost – Because I’m all about cheap amazing eats n ain’t nobody trying to spent rent money on dinner

After the review i will be giving a overall 1-5 star rating. Lets get started !

Well the Grayson located in the lower east side of Manhattan on (16 1st Ave) like 2 blocks away from Kats deli

The Grayson is a cool spot if you want to grab a beer with some friends and catch the game, TVs cover every inch of that place. But let’s get in to the real stuff

  • The Menu – Really great variety not to big where you get lost but not to small where you see nothing you like. (if you don’t want to order the same things I ordered) I would suggest either the loaded waffle fries as a starter. I saw a different table order them and they looked incredible! Kinda upset I didn’t get them. Great selection of burgers and other things, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.
  • The Food – I usually always do appetizers, I mean who doesn’t want a snack to much on before your real food comes? I started with these amazing little marinated to perfection steaks on sliced up bread the sauce was so good on these things I order a side of it just to dip my fries in that came with my burger!


For my main course I had a secret off the menu burger called the double Grayson (the regular Grayson is on the menu) but if you wanna go big you get the double! 


    This Burger was Fucking Amazing! I know it may look like what a real Big Mac From McDonald’s should look like but this tops it x1000! A little hard to eat so you gotta kinda eat in section but trust me you’ll love it!

    I also had a dessert which I never really do dessert but looking at the menu the maple bacon donut balls caught my eye. Drizzled with chocolate syrup they pretty good. I kinda wish it was caramel instead & the balls had a little more bacon flavor to them, but overall they were descent.

    • Presentation – I mean c’mon look at those pictures! Everything was on point! 
    • Service – Everyone working there was on point! Took care of refills without asking and checked up on you in a timely fashion. Great service!
    • The Cost – Prices are set perfect & Worth every penny. You will enjoy the food and the atmosphere & you won’t feel ripped off at the end of dinner.

    Overall I give this place a 4.7/5! Great chill spot to just grab a beer and watch the game hanging with your friends, & a great spot to get a good burger and just hang out.

    Thank you for reading and Please check them out ASAP!

    Also remember to like, comment and subscribe for more reviews and how to’s on more amazing food!

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