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Cheesy Cheese Balls

Hello Everyone, today I’ll be showing you how to make a homemade cheese ball cheese crackers! Because who doesn’t like cheese with cheese!? 

You will need the following ingredients to make your cheese dough

  1. 8 ounces Sharp Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  2. 4 Tablespoons Butter, Cut Into Cubes
  3. 1 cup Flour
  4. ¾ teaspoons Salt
  5. 2 Tablespoons Cold Water

First you will need to place all your ingredients in a food processer (except the water) and blend until it looks like sand. Then add your two tablespoons of cold water, blend. Should be lumpy now. 
Next remove the dough from the processor. Form your dough into a ball, place in plastic wrap and chill for about 20 minutes.
Once your dough is chilled, roll out your dough. Now using a 2’inch cookie cutter start cutting out circles (about as thick as a regular shoe lace) 

Next you’ll need a block of mozzarella cheese. Cut into small cubes. 
Place a cube of mozzerella in the center of your cheese circle and ball up, shredded mozzarella n repeat. Baked 15 mintues at 355° & there you have it! (Let cool for a few before you enjoy) you can also deep fry is you’d like 3-5 mins at 375° – baking makes them more cracker like, deep frying makes them more crispy & crunchy like. 

Here is a quick 15sec video showing you all the steps in order 

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