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Buffalo Chicken Tator Tots!

What’s up everyone? Do you need a game day snack? Or something new to add to the table that’s quick and easy? I got you!

Today I’ll be showing you how to make quick and easy buffalo chicken tots!

As Seen on People Magazine Buffalo tots

First you will need the following

  1. Chicken breast
  2. Tator tots
  3. Eggs
  4. Buffalo sauce
  5. Blue cheese crumbs
  6. Bread crumbs
  7. Ranch dressing
  8. Bacon

Got it? Cool lets get started!

First you will need to boil your unseasoned chicken breast. After boiled let cool and shred into pieces.(you can add your choice of seasoning after) 

Next take unforzen tator tots add 1 whole egg for every 10-13 tots, mix & add your shredded chicken. Add a few table spoons of buffalo sauce to your tots and shredded chicken mixture (I’m sorry I don’t messure stuff, I’m not that type of chef) once mixed all together take a pinch of that into your palm and add your blue cheese crumbs to the middle, add another pinch on top to cover and form a ball (if your having trouble keeping it together, add some breadcrumbs to the mix it should do the trick)

Next, deep fry your balls for 5-9 minutes at 325° until golden brown. Serve with a bacon ranch dip and enjoy! You are now the best football party host! 

Here is a short 15sec video showing you all the steps I just listed

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5 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Tator Tots!”

  1. I came across this site by accident but I’m staying for the awesome recipes. I will definitely be trying this out for my next Netflix binge.


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