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The Italiano! 

Hello Everyone! Today I will be teaching you how to make what I call an Italian hot dog. It’s basically a mozzarella stuffed Italian sausage placed on a garlic bread hot dog bun n a little bit of marinara sauce on top (replacement for ketchup) sounds good right? Let’s get started!

You will the following

  1. Seasoned Sausage 
  2. Pollo Cheese Sticks
  3. Chopped Garlic
  4. Hot dog Buns
  5. Mariana sauce 

Have everything? Great! First you will need to take your season sausage of your choice and remove it from its wrapping.

  • Flatten it out in the shape of a rectangle (little bit longer than the size of the cheese stick)
  • Place your cheese stick in the middle
  • Press and mold your sausage around the cheese stick in the shape of a hotdog (use cling wrap, it’s easier)

Once you’ve finished place it in your fryer for 6-9 Minutes. (Make sure your cheese sticks are room temperature) if they’re not it will take longer to fry for the cheese to melt in the middle. 

  • Take your chopped garlic and spread it on the outside and inside of your buns
  • Bake for 5 minutes at 360°

Place your Italiano dog in your garlice bread bun & add your marinara sauce to the top (or underneath) and its ready to be enjoyed!

Here is a quick 15 second video showing you the steps!


5 thoughts on “The Italiano! ”

  1. I tried making this but my sausages opened up while cooking in the deep fryer? Not sure why? Had the cheese rolled in the sausage just like your video. In fact, they looked just like yours. Only fried for 6 minutes. Could it have been the temp.? Had the deep fryer set at 375°.


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