How To

Bacon Wrapped Burger!

Hello everyone, today I’m going to show you how to make a bacon wrapped stuffed burger!

First you will need the following

  1. 1 Pack of bacon
  2. 1lb Fresh Ground beef (makes 2-3 burgers)
  3. Slices of Mozzarella cheese
  4. Tooth picks

Now I will take you step-by-step on how to create this greatness.

  • To make a bacon weave, lay four strips of bacon vertically, making sure they’re flush up against each other.


  • Now flip up the bottom half of every other strip in the alternating columns. Lay one strip of bacon horizontal to those strips, flush up against the back of the folds. Unfold those flipped strips back down.


  • Repeat again with the first set of strips, so you’ll have two strips going across and two strips going down.


  • Now flip the second set of strips down from the top. Repeat the same steps as you just did for the bottom row.

should come out like this


Now It’s time to make the stuffed burger. Simaliar to the hash brown bun in my previous how to post. You will need a circular ring, a cookie-cutter or the top of the Styrofoam cup will do (I will be using the top of a foam cup).

  • Next take your ground beef and season to your liking. Take a scoop and press into bottom layer of your ring like so,


  • Next take a slice of mozzarella cheese and fold it into fours. Place on top of first layer of your patty.

  • Repeat step for top of patty.


  • Make sure it is packed tight & remove your circle. 


  • Take your patty and place in the middle of the bacon weave you made  


  • Fold the weave around the patty like so 


(I would recommend cutting off some of the longer corners so you do not have layer upon layer of bacon. If you do not you will end up un-cooked bacon in some areas)

  •  Once you are done wrapping your burger


  • Place tooth picks around the outside to hold it together like so,


  • Place in deep fryer for approximately 10 to 15 minutes at 375° degrees. 



  • Check on it every few minutes or so, flip if necessary.

There you have it! Once your bacon wrapped stuffed burger is done, remove tooth picks, let it cool for a few minutes and it is ready to serve. Combine it with mini buns or your choice of bread and toppings.


Thank you everyone for tuning in to my “how to” on making your own bacon wrapped stuffed mozzarella burger, Hope you enjoy! please leave a comment, like and subscribe. Make sure you follow me on Instagram for a short “how to” video!


19 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped Burger!”

  1. I just opened my soul food take out service and guess what!!! This is killing it permenant on my menu now!!! Thanks you are 🙌super awesome 🙌😻😻😻😻


  2. Any idea on how to do this recipe with like limp bacon I got my teeth pulled 2 months ago so they are not healed all the way but I really want to try this so the bacon has to be limp not crispy


    1. Damn I’m sorry to hear that, honestly you can try to bake it but I really don’t suggest doing that. I would just wait it out until you can eat crispy again and enjoy this as the full potential it is


  3. A man with a great mind! much love!!!!! that power come with in, Keep doing what your hart tills you ,.&You will make it ” SON”


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