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Hash Brown Buns!

Hey Everyone, Here is a quick “how to” on making yourself delicious hash brown buns!

  • First you’re going to want to get a bunch of tator tots room temp. Now add 1 whole egg to your bowl (The more tator tots, the more egg) a few tots will be just fine for two buns unless you want them really thick I’d say 1 whole egg for about 10 tots – 2 eggs for 20, so on & so on. 

I added a bit of Cajun seasoning just for flavor but you can add pretty much whatever you like. 

  • NEXT you’re going to break up the tator tots & mix them together with a spoon or fork like so, 


You’re almost done, Now it’s time to make these buns come to life!

Get yourself a decent size frying pan to fit the two buns comfortably.

  • Next step, you’re going to need a circular ring to form the buns with while in the pan, A cookie cut out circle works fine or you can cut the top area around a styrofoam cup. Spray the pan with non-stick spray of your choice or you can add butter (both work fine but I noticed butter tends to give it a more crisper crust when frying). With a spoon scoop the mushed up tots into the circle you have and pack it nice and tight like so,


  • Repeat step for second bun. 

(FYI if you only have 1 bun circle let first bun crisp a tiny bit before you remove it to shape the 2nd bun or else it will fall apart).

  • Let buns cook until golden brown and flip over to brown the other. BE CAREFUL WHEN FLIPPING YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR BUNS TO FALL APART! 

There you have it! Nice crispy golden brown hash brown buns that you can use for one of my personal favorites, a bacon egg n cheese or you can even use them to replace your regular boring burger buns. C’mon live a little!

Thank you for checking out how to make hash brown buns! Please make sure to check out my Instagram (peepmysneaks) for a short step by step video. Please like & leave a comment on what you think or how your own hash brown buns turned out. Thanks!

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